Mission and Vision

In order to promote a better understanding of our town for future generations, it is the Mission of the Middlebury Historical Society to collect, preserve, present, and celebrate the history of Middlebury. 

As custodian of Middlebury’s history and our town’s storyteller, we believe a community is enriched and strengthened by an awareness of its unique cultural, political and social history.

Our Museum houses period exhibitions and temporary exhibits.  We have a growing collection of historic artifacts, paintings, furniture, documents and photographs related to Middlebury history from the Native Peoples to the significant events of the present day. 

We disseminate information about Middlebury to assist people in their research of our history through publications, educational programs, and displays relating to historical personages, places and events so that all interested persons can develop their understanding and appreciation of this town and its people.

We partner with and support the efforts of community and cultural organizations which further the growth of historical interest in our rich history. 

We encourage scholarship related to Middlebury’s history cultivating a greater appreciation and respect for our shared heritage so that a significant legacy will be left to future generations.

Click Here for the Bylaws of the Middlebury Historical Society, Inc.