Rochambeau Project

The Middlebury Historical Society embarked on a project over two years ago, inspired by the efforts of the late Bill Crutcher, of Middlebury, to redesign the site of the monument to General Rochambeau, who led the French army forces under his command through Middlebury, encamping at Breakneck Hill on June 27, 1781. Presently, there is a single monument, 600 feet into the woods, which will be enhanced by the new monument, yet to be designed

The Rochambeau Monument which reads, “The Camp of the French Army, En Route to Yorktown, June 27, 1781.”
The Boy Scout troop with scout Tom Teixeira leading the project to clear the site of the monument in 2019.

Plans for the site

The Middlebury Historical Society has embarked on the Rochambeau Encampment Site Improvement Project, in which we will build upon the site of the present monument to General Rochambeau and the 5,500 French troops who encamped in Middlebury on June 27, 1781.