Old House Project

The Middlebury Historical Society is currently performing an inventory of the oldest homes in Middlebury, led by Tom Cunningham and Ben Miller. This project will locate properties on an online map, and will provide information about these homes.

The Peck-Nichols House

From 2011 to 2020, the Middlebury Historical Society maintained a watch over the Peck-Nichols House, built about 1780, to see that it was preserved. A previous town official want the house burned for fire department practice exercises. We raised funds and had a house-cleaning event; we had it boarded up; we installed a new electrical system and had fire and burglary alarms installed and monitored; we patched the roof several times; we installed a chain across the road to discourage ATV and other vehicles from entering; we made sure the grounds were cared for, electricity was restored after storms; we had fund-raising events and paid for 100% of any expenses for ten years. In 2020, the Middlebury Land Trust acquired the house and grounds and the building was carefully taken down and rebuilt in Moscow, Idaho, by Heritage Restorations.

The Peck-Nichols House on Nichols Road, Middlebury, Connecticut
Clockwise from upper left: The Peck-Nichols House being deconstructed; the new building